Three Castle Walk

On Saturday (July 13th) participants may like to undertake an excursion to the Three Castle Walk in Appiano. The walk lasts 2h. As the name says, we will see three castles and hike within the forest in this wonderful walk. The walk consists of a round-trip, which will reach the Appiano castle in the middle that rises over the valley and offers in addition to a typical local cuisine a spectacular view.

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Shown below there is the schedule. This is just that you know where we go, don’t worry, we will walk with you, you don’t need to remember all these details by heart.


You don’t need special equipment for this trip, but you should have jogging shoes so that you can walk in the forest.


We will take the SAD bus nr. 132 at Domenicani Square stop (Bolzano) in front of the shoe shop "Ferrari" (coordinates) at 12:36. The bus will take us to Oltradige and many other little cities. When it arrives to the city of Appiano (around at 12:56) we will get off at the Pillhoff stop. Here we wait at least 5 minutes before the city bus nr. 132 arrives. This bus will drive through many other little villages including Missiano, here we must get off at via Missiano stop. Here we will walk through the town to start the three castle walk. We will walk along the path 9 until we reach the castle Hocheppen and then back on 9A until we reach our starting point again.

Way back

The return trip is the reverse of the departure. We walk to the via Missiano stop (Missiano) and take the bus nr. 132 which should arrive at around 16:45. The city bus will take us to Pillhof stop (Appiano) where we must get off. Here the bus nr. 132 will arrive, which will drive to Bolzano. We will get off at the Domenicani square stop.

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